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We provide care to individuals and families in the comfort of their own homes among other services.

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Home Modification

Moving around the home can be difficult. Lenity Care Australia will help you modifying your residence to cater to your specific mobility needs and we will make it much easier for you to get around on your own.

  • Installing ramps, handrails and other mobility aids.
  • Installing hand-held showers and removing shower screens.
  • Installing easy-to-use tap sets.
  • Using slip-resistant surfaces and treatments in bathroom areas.
  • Widening doorways.
  • Adjusting bench heights in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Relocating light switches and power-points to lower heights.
  • Installing chair raisers, platforms and hoists.
  • Installing emergency alarms and monitoring systems.
  • Using smart technology to control lighting, blinds and other electronics.
  • A range of other minor renovations.

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Participation in community, social and civic activities

Lenity Care Australia can help you be an active participant in your community. This could be going to a sporting event, visiting a shopping centre, going to the gym. We assist you with your participation in community, social and recreational events. It is your choice! The main purpose of lenity care Australia is to build a centre that caters for people with a broad range of goals and interests to increase their skills in their participation of community, social and civic activities.

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Nursing Care

Our Personal Care Service involves an experienced and qualified Caregiver assisting your loved one with any of the following activities of daily living.
Our carers will assist them with their needs and make them feel and look their best.
We can assist in bathing, showering, shampooing, dressing, shaving, hair styling, cleaning, changing of continence products and fitting of personal aids.

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Household Tasks

There are many domestic related tasks that you may find difficult to manage on your own. Lenity Care Australia has well established services to assist you to maintain your home environment and independence.
If you are living independently at home or in a shared living arrangement Lenity Care Australia can assist with a range of domestic and household tasks. We can support you with your vacuuming, washing and ironing, dusting and general cleaning. Lenity Care Australia has trained staff to assist you to develop a program/system to make these tasks easier for you to manage and remain as independent as possible.
Lenity Care Australia will work with you to develop your skills in using and maintaining household appliances to ensure you can complete these tasks safely and enjoy a safe home environment.

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Training for Independence in Travel and Transport

Lenity Care Australia can assist you with specific skills development that will enhance you to travel and use public transport and taxis independently.
We understand that, in order for you to live as autonomously as possible, you must be confident in your ability to access your local and wider community services. Lenity Care Australia acknowledges appreciates first-hand the specific challenges faced by participants of the NDIS in relation to travel and transport.

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Why Choose Lenity Care Australia

We offer a variety of services for you to choose.

Nutrition: Grocery Shopping, preparing healthy meal.

Transport and Travel: Planning your journey, accessing public transport.

Community Nursing Care: Personal hygiene and wellness.

Household Tasks: Maintaining cleanliness, Laundering & ironing, Maintenance & Repairs.

Need More Help?

Lenity Care Australia can assist you understand the NDIS and how it will work for you.

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